Tin Can Vape Mod DIY!
-Longer battery life then vape pens.
-Save your 510 threads, not used to charge.
-Faster charging, 1A charging board.
-Charge anywhere with a phone charge cord.
-LCD Voltage readout, know your battery level.
-It's an Art Piece.
-You made it!

These are all things I built for myself and my own use. If you build anything from this website, do so at your own risk.

Storage Features:
-The most affordable vape storage (Cheap DIY)
-Custom sized compartments

Parts needed:
-Tissue box.(Amazon)
-Extra cardboard.(Amazon)

Tools needed:

I cut the bottom off of the tissue box, at a height I thought would be good to hold and access what I wanted to store.

I used my stapler to lock down the 4 tabs. Eventually the glue will wear out.

I used some cardboard I had laying around.

I first cut the cardboard to match the size of the tissue box.

Then placed it inside the box, and cut it to the height of the box I cut.

I kept putting it in and cutting them until I had 6 of them.

I now have my rows. I placed in some of the objects I wanted to store so I can measure the spacing I needed.

I used the marker and made dots where the cardboard strips touched the tissue box.

I used the dots on the sides to mark where the notches will be in the column pieces. (the row pieces are different)

I cut the notches, just like a letter 'V'.

3 pieces are now done for the columns. Next I need to make the rows.

I measured and made dots where These should go, just as before.

After they are cut, they just slide together.

The rest of the pieces slide in next.

Here is a cheap storage compartment.

You can use colored cardboard, or paint/color it yourself.

Holds everything and more.

Cheap and affordable vape storage tray.

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