Tin Can Vape Mod DIY!
-Longer battery life then vape pens.
-Save your 510 threads, not used to charge.
-Faster charging, 1A charging board.
-Charge anywhere with a phone charge cord.
-LCD Voltage readout, know your battery level.
-It's an Art Piece.
-You made it!
Hack a Markten E-Vapor:

This is a MARKTEN E-Cigg. It can be bought from most convenient stores.
MarkTen e-cig pack

This is everything that came in the box.
Markten unboxing

The charger, storage tube, and e-cigg.
Markten e-cig

I found that this pick tool has a great angle to pull out the 4 hole mouth piece.
Pick tool and Markten vape

Another view of the pick tool. Its the one that works best for me.
markten cig and pick tool

Just hook into one of the holes, and pull the plastic piece out.
open markten and reuse coil

The plastic piece just pops out.
markten reusable

Under that is a rubber piece that covers the cotton wick. You need to pull this out too.
Markten open up

Here are the 2 pieces pulled off.
Mark10 opened up

Here is what it looks like inside now. There is a cotton roll around the outside, and a coil of wire in the middle.
You can add e-juice to the cotton.
Markten coil view, cotton, inside e-cig

A close-up of the 2 pieces that were removed.
gaskets for Markten

This is how to refill the cotton. Hold the cartridge to its side and drip in little by little while spinning it. Get the cotton wet all around and let soak in for a bit. I do this often throughout the day.
DIY home refill Markten Mark10 e-cig vape
To put it back together, I just push in the rubber piece a little, then the plastic piece. The plastic piece pushes the rubber back far enough. Its very easy and can be done by hand.

I wanted to make this more of a unique mod, so I removed the white sticker and after a while of removing glue, It came out with this cool steel look. There is a serial number engraved into both parts.
new look to a markten vape pen

How to Use a Markten cartridge on other vapes:
You need:
-A ball bearing.
-Markten cartridge.
-a vape that has deep threads.

The pen vape in the picture does not work, but my Altoids vape does.
Mark10, altoids tin vape, ball bearing, pen vape

Put the ball bearing in the center hole of the Markten cartridge.
gaskets for Markten
Hold the vape battery upside down, and carefully screw in the cartridge.
You do not want the ball bearing touching any of the sides or it will short out your battery.

Make sure the ball bearing is not shorting out the battery.
Also make sure your battery puts out the proper voltage for a markten cartridge.
Enjoy Vaping
gaskets for Markten

Make sure you use the right size ball bearing.
gaskets for Markten

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