Tin Can Vape Mod DIY!
-Longer battery life then vape pens.
-Save your 510 threads, not used to charge.
-Faster charging, 1A charging board.
-Charge anywhere with a phone charge cord.
-LCD Voltage readout, know your battery level.
-It's an Art Piece.
-You made it!
Tin Can Vape Mod Box (Prototype 3):

The mod below is not safe to make!

Please do not re-create what you see here!

Click here to see a safe mod!

These are all things I built for myself and my own use. If you build anything from this website, do so at your own risk.
Lithium-ion batteries are dangerous and can explode if anything is done wrong.

Prototype 3 Features:
-Plug in power pack (for at home use vape)
-LCD Voltage readings
-510 vape connector (Adapter sold for people the bad threads)
-Simple Magnet slide activation of vape or LCD voltage.

First I took the lid off the tin.
I cut a strip off the inner metal layer to leave an open space to drill on the outer layer.
jones soda co. carbonated sours e-cig pen vape

This is the piece I cut out. the cover is 2 layers of metal, I needed it to be 1 layer thick for the 510 connector to fit and solder correctly.
cut top from jones soda candies

I then cut a square hole for the LCD screen. I went for the larger size screen I have.
I had to cut the little ears off the board as seen near the top of the picture.
LCD opened up in tin can vape

I cut an X into the bottom. this is where the power will come into the unit.
Pierce bottom tin can vape

I then folded the metal in, to leave a cleaner edge that shouldn't stab the wire. I hot glue the wires later anyway to prevent issues.
folded metal vape box

now on to all the soldering.
Adjustable voltage vape mod

I drill a hole the size of the 510 connector, and mount it in with solder.
510 connector in vape top

This is a picture of how I made the REED switches behind the board, to power the LCD or the Vape by magnets.
reed switch vape MOD

I added hot glue to contain the parts. I know that some of these can break off easily, like the part that adjusts the power.
variable voltage mod, hot glue

Here is what it looks like completed.
finished jones soda candies mini variable voltage MOD vape

How I hot glued the power cord.
tin can vape build variable voltage

That 510 connector sits really nicely on there.
510 connector vape mod

This is how the magnet controls the Vape and LCD function.
When I slide the magnet to the 510 connector, I can vape, and when the magnet is by the power cord, the LCD will show me the voltage
Reed switch vape mod

I should have used a 3034 Mosfet N-Channel 40V 195A TO-220 (PN: IRLB3034PBF).
A resistor across the 3034 - 15K ohms 1/4W.
And a resettable fuse for the positive power entering the unit. (PN: PPTC77) Act Temp 15A Hold.

The 3034 will allow a weaker button to activate the vape without melting the button contacts (if using too many watts from the coil).
The resettable fuses will prevent any issues and will turn back on after everything is ok.

Vape making Safety devices - protect over watt, under ohm mods
The black box things on top are the IRLB3034PBF.
The white little boxes under are the PPTC77 Resettable fuses.

A few notes about this vape design:

Output voltage is variable from the power pack voltage down to 0v. I used a 13V DC 1.8A voltage adapter. I can adjust from 0v to 13v.
Most vape coils like to run between 3-5V.
I also had an issue with the REED switches sticking in the on position. This can burn out your coil.

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