Tin Can Vape Mod DIY!
-Longer battery life then vape pens.
-Save your 510 threads, not used to charge.
-Faster charging, 1A charging board.
-Charge anywhere with a phone charge cord.
-LCD Voltage readout, know your battery level.
-It's an Art Piece.
-You made it!
Tin Can Vape Mod Box Parts:

I have a large assortment of extra parts and enjoy making these vapes.

Vape Building Supplies

The Parts I collected includes:

-Altoids Tins (Blue, Red, Green) (Amazon)
-LCD Voltage Meter (Small-25 x 15 x 10mm or Large-33 x 11 x 7mm) (Amazon)
-2 way switch - Select: Vape, off, Lcd voltage. (Amazon)
-Push button - to vape. (Amazon)
-510 connection - for 510 and Ego style atomizers. (Amazon)
-USB charging board for 18650 - charge the vape with a cell phone charger (Amazon)
-Double stick tape - to protect the charging board from shorting out (Amazon)
-18650 battery - I have a few 3.7v 4900mAh. I use a Panasonic battery after I test each build. (Amazon)
-18650 battery holder - to connect the 18650 battery into the circuit (Amazon)
-18650 Wall charger - to charge a battery out of the vape, great for 2nd batteries (Amazon)
-Wall plug to USB - To connect the USB charging cord when near a 120v outlet (Amazon)
-Car plug to USB - to connect the USB charging cord when inside a car. (Amazon)
-USB charging cord - to connect between a USB port and the tin can vape to charge. (Amazon)
-3034 Mosfet N-Channel 40V 195A TO-220 (PN: IRLB3034PBF). (Amazon)
-Resistors - 15K ohms 1/4W. (Amazon)
-Resettable fuse - (PN: PPTC77) Act Temp 15A Hold. (Amazon)

Altoids Vape Making Kit

The button I chose is a good quality one.

Vape push buttons

There are 2 colors to choose from, but 3 options.
There is a Red cap, a Black cap, and removal of the cap.
I prefer to remove the button cap because it can be broken off in your pocket and may leave a sharp point.
I removed it on mine, see the picture.
Vape push button tops, red, black

There are 2 sizes of LCD screens. Small- 25 x 15 x 10mm or Large- 33 x 11 x 7mm Vape LCD screens for voltage readout

Here are a few placement options for the LCD screen depending on the size:
Large LCD Placement on top cover.
LCD placement on vape 1

Small LCD placement on top cover.
LCD placement on vape 2

Small LCD placement on front side of tin.
LCD placement on vape 3

I hand selected these parts from several different locations.
I have built and tested my own vapes for the past year to determine parts that work well and should last.

I should have used a 3034 Mosfet N-Channel 40V 195A TO-220 (PN: IRLB3034PBF).
A resistor across the 3034 - 15K ohms 1/4W.
And a resettable fuse for each battery positive terminal. (PN: PPTC77) Act Temp 15A Hold.

The 3034 will allow a weaker button to activate the vape without melting the button contacts (if using too many watts from the coil).
The resettable fuses will prevent any issues and will turn back on after everything is ok.

Vape making Safety devices - protect over watt, under ohm mods
The black box things on top are the IRLB3034PBF.
The white little boxes under are the PPTC77 Resettable fuses.

You can find your parts at vape shops, electronic stores, online, and in many other places. Enjoy the hunt! Affiliate Disclosure

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