Tin Can Vape Mod DIY!
-Longer battery life then vape pens.
-Save your 510 threads, not used to charge.
-Faster charging, 1A charging board.
-Charge anywhere with a phone charge cord.
-LCD Voltage readout, know your battery level.
-It's an Art Piece.
-You made it!
Tin Can Vape Mod Box (Prototypes):
These are all things I built for myself and my own use. If you build anything from this website, do so at your own risk.
Lithium-ion batteries are dangerous and can explode if anything is done wrong.

Tin Can Vape Mod Box (Prototype 6):
Tin Can Vape Prototype 6 - safe vape altiods mod
Prototype 6 Features:
-Safest vape yet!
-USB Rechargeable
-LCD Voltage readings
-510 vape connector (Adapter sold for people the bad threads)
-18650 battery
-3034 MOSFET and Resettable fuse!
Read more about it Here

Tin Can Vape Mod Box (Prototype 1-5):
These are the first 5 Vapes I have made.
These are not safe to make or use!
I learned my lesson and now make safer vapes!
Read more about it Here

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