Tin Can Vape Mod DIY!
-Longer battery life than vape pens.
-Save your 510 threads, not used to charge.
-Faster charging, 1A charging board.
-Charge anywhere with a phone charge cord.
-LCD Voltage readout, know your battery level.
-It's an Art Piece.
-You made it!
Vape Info and History:

How to make Vape juice: Click Here for Step by Step Instructions

510 vape connectors:

Connector type 510 (M7x0,5mm Pitch)

I spent quite some time searching for nuts that fit this size connection, I ended up making my own.
I plasma cut a strip of metal, ground the metal down, then drill pressed a bunch of holes. I added tapping oil and tapped the 510 connection, then cut the strip of metal into individual nuts.

Vape coils and voltages:

Mark10 - 3.7V battery, 3.5 Ohm coil

Blu - 3.2 Ohm coil

Recommended Voltages and coil ohms:

3-3.4v = 1.7-1.9 ohm
3.5-3.8v = 2.1-2.3 ohm
3.9-4.2v = 2.4-2.6 ohm
4.3-4.7v = 2.6-3.0 ohm

Leaking Kangertech tanks! There's a fix from the company!

Have you tried searching for fixes and only found: adding extra o-ring, less fluid, or changing the coil?
Kanger makes a new coil that fits several models. The coils and wick are enclosed to prevent the flooding.
The new coils fit the KangerTech ProTank 3, Mini Protank 3, T3D, Evod 2, AeroTank and Mini Aerotank.

These are the old kangertech and the new kangertech coils.
I have tried these coils, and I still had issues with leaking fluid through the bottom air holes. I guess they still did not get it right.
I will be searching for an alternative to the Kangertech units. Any suggestions? Please let me know.

Introduction to Vaping:

Interested in a Personal Vaporizer or Electronic Cigarette?

Vaping, and e-juice is for persons of age, 18 or older.

A electronic cigarette is a battery powered device that creates a mist vapor (instead of smoke).
The battery powers a atomizer or coil to create the vapor.

There are many types of vapes, some that are small like a cigarette, others like large pens, and others even larger like a flash light.
The choice is yours. Do you want one that looks like a cigarette, or something out of this world?
Some have better battery life, or more controls for voltage or amperage.

You can purchase a E-Cigarette starter kit, or build your own vape.
The starter kit is the easiest way to start. It will come with a battery, a charger, and often a tank and coil.
Most Batteries, tanks, atomizers and clearomizers are interchangeable, so you can always upgrade or change equipment around.
When switching from a real cigarette to an electronic vape, you will notice its quite different. It may leave you with a sore throat.
It takes a bit of time to get used to the vapors. It should get better in a few days to a few weeks.
You might want to start out with a few different flavors and nicotine levels and see what works well for you. Everyone is different.
Electronic cigarettes do not have to taste like traditional cigarettes, they can take like almost anything.
Everyone uses different amounts of e-juice. Starting out its best to get several smaller sizes and pick what works for you before buying a larger size.

You can estimate e-juice levels with:

1/2 pack a day = 1ml e-juice per day.
1 pack a day = 2ml e-juice per day.
2 packs a day = 3-4ml e-juice per day.
If you are vaping too much (from craving nicotine), you may need a higher nicotine level.
Others enjoy vaping often, and may benefit from a lower nicotine level.

What nicotine level do I need:
It depends on you. You need enough to satisfy cravings.

An estimate of e-liquid nicotine level vs. Traditional cigarettes:

Full unfiltered: 36mg nicotine.
Full filtered or menthol full: 24mg nicotine.
Light or Menthol light: 18mg.
Ultra light or Menthol ultra light: 12mg.

Can it help me quit smoking?
Electronic vapes are not for quitting smoking (though, it may aid in it), Its just a alternative delivery mechanism to consume nicotine in a different, more healthier way then a cigarette.
Vapes are not a quit smoking device, but studies show that 80% of the people that switched from cigarettes to vapes quit smoking cigarettes.
Some users start at a high nicotine level and work there way down to 0 nicotine, but others enjoy it as another delivery of nicotine.
Do not jump into vaping thinking you must have a cigarette flavored e-juice. You will like many of the flavors produced, and get the same nicotine rush you crave, just with better flavor.
Most tobacco flavors do not taste like burning tobacco, but rather the taste/small of fresh tobacco or too sweet a flavor.

E-juice safety:

E-juice can be purchased with or without nicotine.
Nicotine, when taken in high enough doses can kill you! It is classified as a POISON!
Keep away from pets and children! Keep it locked up!
If you feel unwell, seek a medical professional!

Nicotine is:
-Highly Toxic.
-Very Addictive.
-Danger of serious damage to your health.
-Very toxic by inhalation in high doses (I recommend 24mg/ml or less).
-Very toxic to skin.
-Very toxic if swallowed.
-Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.
-Vapor can be irritating to eyes and skin.
-Can cause drowsiness or dizziness.

E-juice is designed for:
-Electronic cigarettes.

Are Vapes safe?
Anything containing Nicotine can not be 100% safe. But many studies strongly suggest they are much safer then cigarettes.
They are about 99% safer then a cigarette.
Vape juice does not contain Anti-freeze.
In 2009 the FDA tested samples from 2 companies, 18 cartridges total, and 1 of them contained 1% Diethylene Glycol, which is occasionally used in anti-freeze.
It is not a standard ingredient in e-juice. This is where the confusion and the myth started.

Can vaping give me cancer?
The FDA and many other labs have tested on this. They discovered trace amounts of tobacco specific nitrosamines, which cause cancer at extremely high exposure.
The amounts found in e-juice were extremely low and unlikely to cause cancer.
E-juice and the FDA approved nicotine patch contain about the same nitrosamines, which is about 1,300 times less then a Marlboro cigarette.
Other studies show that the nicotine in vapes are equally harmful as coffee.

In 2009, the FDA though that e-cigarettes were a stop smoking device and would need to be classified as Nicotine Replacement Therapy Drugs. They tried to block vapes passing in customs.

In 2011, the FDA changed their ruling, as if the electronic cigarette is not marked as a stop smoking aid, then its considered a tobacco product and will be regulated as so.

E-Cigarettes are regulated as tobacco only in regards to age limits to purchase, they are not regulated by PACT, indoor use bans (for cigarettes, but lots of places now ban vapes), tax rates of tobacco or the Flavoring prohibitions that cigarettes have.

What is PG and VG?

PG= Propylene Glycol.
VG= Vegetable Glycerin.

This is the most common base Liquids used in e-juice for electronic vapes.
Most often mixed with nicotine and flavorings in e-juices.

The FDA and EPA consider both PG and VG as "Generally Recognized As Safe"
PG or VG are used in foods, cosmetics, medications, fog machines and common household items such as toothpaste, mouthwash, and soaps.

PG: A very thin liquid that carries flavors very well. But produces less vapor than VG.
There are some people that are sensitive (throat or skin irritation) to PG and should avoid and stick with VG, or a higher VG concentration.
PG has been used as an ingredient in anti-freeze, to make it less toxic and safer for small children and pets (no its not safe for pets/kids, just safer).

VG: A very thick liquid with a sweet smell. Produces much more vapor than PG.
The downside to VG is the thickness, It can cause clogging, wicking, or burning issues in some vapes. Because of its sweetness, It can alter or dull flavors slightly.

The mixture of these two are a very personal choice.
You can choose your favorite mix by its flavor, throat hit, and vapor production.

If your vape has issues with VG, we recommend a mix of 20% or less VG in your mix.


Nicotine alkaloid: A range of alkaloids from a various genus Nicotiana, especially the plant nicotiana Tabacum, which is cultivated to make cigarettes.

Nicotine extraction and distillation:
This is the best way to extract the nicotine pure.
There are 2 main processes:

1- Material moistened with water then mixed with lime to combine it with acids, tannins and other phenolic substances to set free the alkaloids that exist in the plant as salts.
It is then extracted with an organic solvent such as ether or petroleum spirit.
The liquid is then shaken with aqueous acid so it can separate.
Now there are alkaloid salts in the liquid that need to be taken out.
It is separated by adding caustic soda or sodium carbonate and distilled off in steam.
What's left is the stuff you don't want.

2-Material extracted with water or aqueous alcohol with dilute acid.
Unwanted material is shaken off with chloroform or another organic solvent.
The alkaloids are then filtered by evaporating because the excess sodium bicarbonate or ammonia.

salt processing: Another way to extract nicotine, which turns the liquid into a sulfate.
Then it has to be bleached to remove impurities and reconstituted with a liquid to turn it back into a useable form for vaping.
The bleaching leaves the liquid more clear, often confusing people that its more pure. Its not.
The color of the nicotine is not important, mixing the PG creates a more pink color, while mixing with VG is a more yellow color.

Store in a cool, dark, airtight location. Keep away from children and pets.

Much more to come!

Please consider making a donation towards Vape Research.